This house is located in Glenrothes, a town located in the heart of Fife, in east central Scotland with excellent train and bus links. It is located approximately 30 miles from both Edinburgh which lies to the south and Dundee to the north. Glenrothes is the third largest town in Fife and as such is home to a modern leisure centre with swimming pools and an extensive range of sporting activities.

We have large bedrooms for children and young people which are decorated to the colour and design choice of the young person staying in each room.

There is a beautiful town park, which is testament to the multiple horticultural awards won in “Beautiful Scotland” and “Britain in Bloom” contests for the quality of its parks and landscaping. If you look carefully as you travel around the town there are numerous outdoor sculptures and artworks present as a result of the appointment of town artists in the early development of the town.