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Pancreatitis North is a support group based in Newcastle upon Tyne with its base at the world renowned Freeman Hospital. We formed on the 13th August 2003, with encouragement from Consultant Pancreatic Surgeon Mr Richard M. Charnley and Mr Bent Henriksen of Pharma Nord with the remit to form a support group for sufferers of Pancreatitis suffers run by Pancreatitis sufferers. So we can not only empathise with you we can sympathise too as we have been through it ourselves.

The commitee consists of a chair person, the secretary, a treasurer, volunteer helpers, a representative from Pharma Nord and medical support from Mr R. M Charnley DM FRCS. For more information about the committee members click here.

Pancreas North are available for an informal chat to discuss any problems relating to pancreatitis on the first Thursday of every month from 6.30pm until 8.30pm, on ward 5, Freeman hospital. You can contact the committee by emailing committee@pancreasnorth.com
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