Mission Statement
This independant group was inaugurated in August 2003. It has at its core past and present pancreatitis patients of the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne. It provides support for patients, patients families and friends, as well as other concerns not only for the treatmentand car of these patients but also for wider issues in the way the disease is understood and managed.

1. The name of the group shall be Pancreas North and referred in this statement as the group.

2. The aims of the group shall be:
a) to offer various forms of support and advice to paients and others involved
b) to organise a range of social and/or fund-raising events for all those interested.
c) to disseminate information and to raise awareness of pancreatitis and help sufferers by means of published materials.

3. The group shall be made up of:
a) individuals who have, or have had, pancreatitis as well as their families and friends
b) anyone who wishes to help and support those with pancreatitis

4. The group shall be made up of:
a) the Group shall elect and appoint a committee from those who meet the requirements of points 3a and 3b
b) The committee shall consist of a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary (or joint Secretary) and a maximum of nine members.
c) after fours years of continuoous service an officer must resign but may be re-elected
d) medical repesentation shall be via an honary post, with attendance at committee meetings on an ad-hoc basis
e. there shall be one officer and three others present to form a qourum and take a vote
f) in extenuating circumstances the committee may co-opt replacement members as required
g) the commitee shall meet at least six times a year, dates and times of its meetings being at its own discretion, it shall also deterimine dates and times of general meetings.
h) a committee memberís non-attendance at three consecutive committee meetings. without apologies, shall result in that person ceasing to be a committee member.

The financial affairs of the Group
a) there shall be four signatories to the bank account(s): The Treasurer and three other approved committee members, all withdrawels shall require the signature of any of the four.
b) the Treasurer shall provide the Group with a yearly audited statement of accounts at an Annual General Meeting to be held after the 31st March each year
c) Any single item of expenditure under £1000 must be agreed by the commitee, any item over £1000 must be agreed at a general meeting of the Group.
d) the Treasurer shall re-imburse all expenses authorised by the committee; re-imbursement of the Treasurerís expenses shall require the approval of one of the other signatories.
e) the Group shall raise sufficient funds to be self-supporting, such funds to be held in the Groups bank account.
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